The WZT-2 Army Tank, a unique vehicle

The history of the T-55 tank

The Russian T-55 tank is one of the most prominent army tanks ever built. Only 2% of these tanks were employed as salvage tanks, in order to carry out salvage works in warzones. Once the Warsaw Pact took effect, it was allowed for Russia’s allies to also manufacture these tanks. In Poland, the T-55 salvage tank was modified to their specific requirements, which resulted in the birth of the WZT-1 tank. After years of production, an improved version was released in 1973: the WZT-2. Only 330 units were supplied to the Polish army. This makes it an extraordinarily rare tank and an investment asset for the future.

Despite its 40-year composition, this tank still meets NATO requirements for ARVs (Army Recovery Vehicle) in its class. It is intended to provide technical protection for T-55 and T-72 series tanks, but in reality it is also used to overhaul the larger PT-91 and Leopard 2A4 tanks in the Polish Army. The WZT-2 is still in use in the Polish Army.

Will this tank soon be yours?

This fully restored WZT-2 salvage tank is offered for sale at ARMYSHARK. A platform where military vehicles and equipment are offered by enthusiasts and traders worldwide. As far as it is known, this is the only WZT2 army tank that is currently for sale in the world. The tank was obtained directly from a Polish military complex in 2018 and it took a period of six months to completely overhaul the equipment. It was the best-performing tank on the complex, with only 3,580 kilometres driven. The tank was completely examined by a qualified company, fully demilitarized, approved by the Polish Ministry of Defence and repainted. Ideally, this tank is used for promotional purposes, events, for practical work at larger organisations or, of course, for the true fanatics.

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What makes a WZT-2 special

Driving this tank is a real adrenaline rush: moving 36 tons with 600 HP through the woods, steering with the steering levers, manoeuvring over hills and crashing cars: everything is possible. The tank drives, steers and brakes with 100% performance. Steering is done by handling the well-known steering levers, which operate the left and right tracks. The mentioned slide (hydraulically operated), the winch and crane all work properly.

For promotion and event purposes, a row of 2 x 4 seats has been mounted on the tank, allowing 8 participants to join. Safety fences are mounted around the seats. They are professional synthetic racing seats, each seat of which has a 4-point belt. For additional security, emergency stop buttons have been placed on top of the tank - and at the driver 's side - to stop the tank immediately in case of an emergency. View the full description here.

Most importantly, the tank is completely demilitarized. It means that all armament has been legitimately removed, and the armour is pierced in designated areas. Therefore transporting and owning, even without a weapon license, is permitted. Photos were taken of the entire demilitarization procedure; the photos along with a description of the work performed are compiled in a 30-page Polish demilitarization document, including authorization stamps from the Polish Ministry of Defence. These will be included with the purchase, of course.

Test it yourself

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