In Sight - Henri Ponsteen

In our In Sight section, army equipment enthusiasts talk about their military projects and vehicles. What are the most beautiful cars they have driven? Where does their passion for military equipment come from? And which items do they currently own? Today Henri Ponsteen (59), member of Keep them Rolling, takes us along in his most beautiful projects!

Unique royal Alouette III helicopter, belonging to the Dutch historical heritage

This helicopter was built in 1965, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Defense and painted in a camouflage colour scheme. Since 1963, the Dutch Ministry of Defense purchased a total amount of 77 Alouette III helicopters, of which a series have been assembled at NV as well. At that time, the helicopters were stationed at Deelen Airbase at 299 and 300 Squadron, and at Soesterberg Airbase at 298 Squadron.

WZT2 tank

The Russian T-55 tank is one of the most prominent army tanks ever built. Only 2% of these tanks were employed as salvage tanks, in order to carry out salvage works in warzones. Once the Warsaw Pact took effect, it was allowed for Russia’s allies to also manufacture these tanks. In Poland, the T-55 salvage tank was modified to their specific requirements, which resulted in the birth of the WZT-1 tank. After years of production, an improved version was released in 1973: the WZT-2. Only 330 units were supplied to the Polish army. This makes it an extraordinarily rare tank and an investment asset for the future.