Kanonenjagdpanzer der Bundeswehr

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Kanonenjagdpanzer der Bundeswehr.
The vehicle for sale is demilitarized but otherwise
still in the condition as it was retired. With dummy cannon.
Ready to drive with great drive and technology.
Inquiries to: Webmaster@panzer-handel.de
or 00491726659922

General properties
crew: 4 (commander, driver, gunner, loader)
length: 8.75 m (with cannon), 6.29 m (tub only)
width: 2.98 m
height: 2.10 m
Dimensions: 25.7 tons
Armor and armament:
Armor: 8–50 mm armor steel
Main armament: 1 × 90 mm Rheinmetall cannon L / 40.4 (51 rounds)
Secondary armament: 1 × MG3 as aperture MG 1 × MG3 as Fla-MG
drive: Eight cylinders - multi-fuel engine Daimler-Benz MB 837; Displacement: 29.9 l500 hp (367 kW)
suspension: Torsion bar
Top speed: 70 km / h (road)
Power / weight: 19.5 hp / ton
Range: approx. 390 km
It is a turretless full-track vehicle in casemate design with a 90 mm L / 40.4 cannon from Rheinmetall, from which (theoretically) all 90 mm NATO cartridge ammunition could be fired. The armor of the Kanonenjagdpanzers consisted - except for the cast cover for the on-board cannon (BK) - of alloyed rolled sheet and was beveled. The on-board cannon, together with the shutter machine gun, could be swiveled 15 ° to both sides, 15 ° upwards and 8 ° downwards. There was also fog (WP) - and later also light ammunition. The crew consisted of a commander , gunner , loader and driver. The principle of operation was the fight from positions at combat distances of up to 1800 m with shaped charge projectiles against armored and up to 2000 m with squeeze-head projectiles against lightly and unarmored targets.

Basic information

Model/Type Kanonenjagdpanzer der Bundeswehr