MAN KAT A1 15t. 8x8 (2.90m)

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A.M. Hommeles

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The MAN 32.360 8x8 2.9mtr was developed by MAN trucks to accommodate loads with high centres of gravity. The high ground clearance for rough terrain coupled with the wider axles makes this chassis cab suited to the addition of such things as: Water tanker truck 15,000 litre capacity. Diesel tanker truck 15,000 litre capacity. Drilling platform. Service unit for quarry work. Standard all terrain cargo truck etc...

Technical specifications

• Engine: Deutz BF 8L 513C
• Gearbox : ZF16s-160A 16speed
• Axles: dif. locks
• Tyres: 14.00 R 20
• Suspension: progressively actingcoil springs

• GVW: 32.000kg
• Ground clearance : 0.44m
• Max cruise speed: 90km/h

Load area
• Payload: 20.000kg
• Length loading area: 6.60m
• Width loading area: 2.90m
Mileage: 37.985 km

Basic information

Brand MAN
Model/Type KAT A1 15t. 8x8 (2.90m)