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The Mile Marker SEC12

The Mile Marker SEC12 24V with an impressive 12,000-pound pull strength stands up to the most aggressive off-road environments. Powerful series-wound...

€950 VAT excl.

Humvee Hummer H1

Humvee\Hummer H1 motor hood, NOS

€2,400 VAT excl.


Rebuilt GM 6.5 liter V8 diesel engine, 24V fits in Humvee

€5,500 VAT excl.

Overhauled 4L80

Overhauled 4L80 transmission and converter, fits in HUMMER H1 and Humvee

€2,100 VAT excl.

M series brushgard

M series brush guard, NOS fits on HUMMER H1 and Humvee. NEW and on stock

€780 VAT excl.

Humvee Hummer radiodeck

The old style used radio deck, for Humvee M998. Several on stock.

€175 VAT excl.


Used M1101 trailer for Humvee or Hummer H1. 2 in stock

€1,800 VAT excl.

Aftermarket M series

Aftermarket Turnsignal and light switch, for all military M series vehicles

€125 VAT excl.


Generator set ex-US army, for all M series vehicles 5KW power 120 Volt.

€2,000 VAT excl.

Hummer H1 extended pickup

Hummer H1 extended pickup, Juni 1996 double fuel tanks, ideal cat to convert to a camper. 6.5-liter diesel 4L80 unique model, extended version...

€36,000 VAT excl.